When dealing in aluminium and non-ferrous metal alloy tubes, sheets and section bars, it's of the utmost importance to supply the material in the formats the customer actually needs. Migliari Alluminio puts their cutting department at our customers' disposal.

Often, it can be a great advantage for the customer to receive the material they have ordered – like aluminium section bars or tubes – already cut to easily manageable formats, or maybe even cut to precise measurements in the case of metal sheets. Migliari Alluminio's cutting department is ready to comply with this need with a complete service:
  • Belt cutting for sheets and tubes

    Sometimes, all the customer needs is for the sheets and tubes he's purchased to be delivered in different formats than the industry standard, for bulk reasons or ease of transport: in such cases, high levels of precision aren't really needed. For all of these situations, Migliari Alluminio offers belt cutting of our aluminium and non-ferrous metal alloy tubes and sheets to measure, to make supply and daily operations simpler for our customers.
  • Shear cutting for thin metal sheets

    When very thin sheet metal must be cut, belt saws are no longer the right tool for the job, since the applied force would irremediably deform and ruin the metal plate. To offer cut-to-measure aluminium and metal alloy sheets to our customers, Migliari Alluminio employs shear cutting, allowing for precise resizing to measure without damaging or deforming the metal sheet.
  • Precision water cutting for metal plates

    Applications exist where high precision – to a tenth of a millimeter – is required. For precision cutting of our metal plates, Migliari Alluminio offers the services of our water cutting department, which has specific machinery allowing to cut sheet metal to the required measurements with minimal loss of material and a high degree of precision.

To purchase aluminium and non-ferrous metal alloy section bars, tubes, and sheets, cut to the measurements you need, call Migliari Alluminio!




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