Sometimes, companies may need specific finishing treatments on the aluminium tubes, sheets, and section bars they purchase, before they are ready for use. Migliari Alluminio offers to customers the services of our finishing deparment.

In many applications where aluminium tubes, sheets and section bars are employed, aesthetic results have a significant importance, and specific finishing treatments are required. Migliari Alluminio offers the following finishing services:
  • Aesthetic Anodization

    Aluminium anodization is a process of controlled oxidation which is applied to surfaces for anti-corrosion and aesthetic purposes. Through an electro-chemical process, the external layer of a piece is allowed to oxidize; after this, coloring may be applied, or the surface amay be left in the original hue, and finally a stabilization process is applied to seal the pores in the oxidized layer, consolidating it.
  • Mechanical satin finishing

    Mechanical satin finishing is a particularly high-level treatment, which gives the piece a perfectly matte, uniform surface with remarkable aesthetic results. It is applied through the use of specific abrasive discs or ribbons, which are rubbed over the surface until it reaches the desired look. It is a particular process, with top-level results, better employed in special, important projects.
  • Sheet metal polishing

    Besides finding large employ in many industrial applications, sheet metal of the most diverse kinds – from aluminium to copper – are often used for furniture and architectural purposes, where they are appreciated for their hi-tech look. In order to bring sheet metal of all materials to the aesthetic specifications required by such applications, Migliari Alluminio offers the services of its finishing deparment to practice polishing of metal plates and sheets, both with a reflective and a mirror finish.

Among so many suppliers on the market for non-ferrous metals, Migliari Alluminio holds a relevant, top-of-the-list position, with 75 years of experience and daily presence. Of course, the quality of our products and our professionality have played a big part in taking us where we are now: but it's likely that it was our service and the attitude we've always embraced that earned us the prize that is our customer's trust.

An attitude built around family management, to offer flexibility in time and method where so many competitors are rigid and unyielding; around quick, timely service, with 5000 standard products stocked in our warehouse and ready for delivery at all times – by courier, or with our internal truck fleet in Lombardy; and around supplying extra services like professional advice on materials, custom cutting, and finishing treatments, besides our vast range of aluminium and non-ferrous metal alloy section bars, tubes, and sheets.




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