Professionally dealing in aluminium section bars, sheets and tubes requires a range of extra services. Migliari Alluminio provides them all!

Our customers know that they can ask us for complete service beyond simple sales, to make their daily work easier:
  • Custom-made section bars

    Sometimes, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in a project is the need for small quantities of custom-made section bars, which many large-scale suppliers often don't deal in. In order to assist our customers with their needs, and free them from having to accept disadvantageous compromises, Migliari Alluminio manufactures custom-made aluminium section bars, in the specific measurements and shapes provided by the customer, even for tiny production lots, to allow each and every project to come to completion without obstacles and complications.
  • Materials advice

    Section bars, tubes, bars and sheets are available in a vast range of materials: aluminium, copper, titanium, but also a range of specific metals and alloys, which are less common but especially suited to particular applications. No matter how vast the offer range is, Migliari Alluminio's customers never risk being disoriented in their choices, because we're always at their disposal to offer expert advice on materials during the design and purchasing phase, to better assist the customer in finding the best product for their needs.
  • Fast delivery (with our internal fleet within Lombardy)

    Timely delivery of materials is often a key element for the positive turnout of a project, and in many cases particular urgencies come up which a good supplier must know how to manage. Migliari Alluminio offers fast delivery, thanks to our 38000 sq. ft. warehouse with over 5000 products always ready for immediate shipping. We ship everywhere by courier, and within Lombardy we employ our internal truck fleet to further shorten delivery times.

If you want a full suite of top quality services in addition to the wholesale of metal section bars, sheets and tubes, Migliari Alluminio is the supplier for you. Contact us today.




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